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Featured Articles

NSHEN has developed an educational resource called Featured Articles. We will be choosing articles from recent health ethics literature that we think will be of interest to ethics committee members as well as others working in our health care system.

We will create a summary of each article we feature for those too busy to read it in its entirety.

New Summary

Industry Technicians Embedded in Clinical Teams: Impacts on Medical Knowledge

by Howard, M. and K Hutchinson (2022) Industry Technicians Embedded in Clinical Teams: Impacts on Medical Knowledge. The Hastings center Report; 52 (2):41-48.

Short Summary

In this article, Howard and Hutchinson discuss the ethical issues associated with industry technicians, also referred to as ‘industry employed allied professionals’ (IEAP), working as part of a medical team in the hospital setting. Dialogical practice, where all members of the health care team work together towards a common goal, is essential for clinical communities, as it is a way of sharing knowledge and identifying gaps in that knowledge that are relevant to patient care. The authors argue that by mediating expertise about medical devices on behalf of the manufacturer, while also working as part of the healthcare team, IEAPs potentially limit opportunities for independent learning and for dialogical education practices. In keeping with their role, IEAPs are protecting the commercial interests of the medical device manufacturer, and true knowledge exchange is therefore limited. This may negatively affect clinical knowledge and patient outcomes.

Past Summaries

Changing the Question (PDF)

by Brudney, D. (2019). Changing the Question. The Hastings Center Report, Volume 49:2; p. 9-16