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Patient Relations and Ethics

Patient Relations and Ethics

with Hayley Gould-Rudderham, Patient Relations Leader (Eastern and Northern Zones), Nova Scotia Health

Ethics and Patient Relations Hayley Gould-Rudderham, Patient Relations Leader (Eastern and Northern Zones), Nova Scotia Health.

The following discussion questions are provided as an additional educational tool to accompany this fireside chat video. Please feel free to select the questions that are most relevant to your committee or group, revise and adapt them as needed, etc. As always, we welcome feedback on this or any other NSHEN resource.


• What stood out the most to you in the discussion about Patient Relations’ work?

• How can patient feedback contribute to improving a healthcare system?

• If you were to develop a patient relations process, what key values do you think should guide this process? Why?

o Among the values you’ve identified, which do you feel are the most important? Why?

• How can Patient Relations help rebuild trust in the healthcare system?


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Patient Relations and Ethics